Our Top Video News: March 2024
As storytellers at heart and technology enthusiasts by profession, we're excited to bring you the latest breakthroughs, trends, and discussions that are shaping our industry this month. From groundbreaking AI applications to seismic shifts in camera technology and thought-provoking discussions at SXSW, this edition packs insights and inspirations that could influence your next project. Stay tuned as we explore these developments and why they matter to you, our valued clients and partners.
1. Under Armour's AI Commercial:
Under Armour's recent venture into AI-driven advertising represents a bold leap into the future of marketing. By collaborating with the commercial production company Tool and director Wes Walker, they've crafted a campaign around boxing legend Anthony Joshua without him stepping into the ring or a studio. The blend of AI, CG, and licensed footage, coupled with an AI-generated content, challenges traditional norms of commercial production. This strategy not only accelerates the creative process but also opens up new possibilities for storytelling, especially when faced with logistical constraints like athlete availability. It's a hint at the evolving landscape where brands can tell powerful stories with a mix of reality and digital artistry, something we at ProFor are watching closely to leverage in future projects.
Source: Techcrunch, Under Armour
2. Nikon Acquires RED: 
The recent announcement that Nikon will acquire RED Digital Cinema has created a buzz within the tech and video production communities. By bringing together Nikon's heritage in still photography and RED's cutting-edge video technology, this partnership promises to redefine the landscape of cinematic production. The acquisition raises several questions regarding Nikon's intentions for RED's innovative technology and product lineup. While some in the industry speculate about potential seismic shifts, others ponder whether Nikon might integrate RED's unique capabilities for its advancement and possibly phase out the RED brand. With RED's cameras having been pivotal in creating major films and TV shows, this move signals Nikon's ambitious push into the professional digital cinema camera market. Although Nikon has manifested publicly no intention of discontinuing the RED product lineup, some remain skeptical having the announcement come from a social media post which is in no way bounding.
Source: Petapixel, Waveform Clips
3. SXSW Highlights:
This year’s SXSW was a melting pot of culture, technology, and artistic expression, where the future of AI took center stage among the tech talks. Despite the mixed reactions, the event highlighted the growing influence and controversy surrounding AI in creative fields. This dialogue is crucial for our clients to engage with, as it frames the ongoing conversation around the ethical and practical use of AI in content creation. Understanding these dynamics helps us navigate the balance between innovation and authenticity in storytelling, ensuring that the content we produce remains relevant and impactful in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
A. Everything AI: SXSW 2024 offered a deep dive into the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. From AMD's commitment to enhancing AI capabilities in personal computing to the broader industry perspective on AI's transformative potential, the discussions at SXSW underscore the increasing integration of AI in everyday technology. 
B. A New Tech Supercycle: Amy Webb's talk on the upcoming 'technology supercycle' highlights shifts in technology consumption. 
C. Challenges with AI: SXSW also highlighted concerns over AI, from authenticity issues to intellectual property rights. 
D. Innovations and Awards: SXSW showcased innovations like ICON's Phoenix and Dot Inc.'s tactile graphics. 
Source: Spiceworks
4. Waiting for Sora's Launch: 
After OpenAI's captivating demonstration of its text-to-video application, Sora, in February, the technology community has eagerly awaited its release. However, the launch has been delayed, causing a blend of disappointment and continued anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Although some sources hint at a potential release in the second half of 2024, OpenAI has yet to confirm an official date. Sora's potential to revolutionize video content creation with its ability to generate realistic, AI-powered videos holds great promise. This postponement, however, brings to light the complex challenges inherent in AI development.
In the meantime, creators with access can give us a glimpse of this technology's amazing capabilities, like shy kids's short "air head" 
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