The Events Video Playbook: The Top 10 Video Formats for Your Next Event or Conference
Events and conferences play an integral role in a company's outreach and branding strategy, providing valuable platforms for networking, engagement, and showcasing industry expertise. In today's interconnected world, it's crucial to extend the energy and impact of these physical gatherings into the digital space. Video content serves as the bridge, expanding the event's reach and influence from the physical venue to digital audiences across various platforms. This approach is vital not only for companies organizing events but also for brands participating with booths or representatives, looking to document and amplify their presence.
At ProFor, our wealth of experience in creating video content for a wide range of industry events – from Crypto and Cybersecurity to Med-tech, Real Estate, Leadership conferences, and Sales events – has equipped us with unique insights into capturing and enhancing these moments. Our approach involves a deep understanding of the dynamics of each event and translating that into compelling digital narratives.
In this article, we divide our strategies into three categories: pre-event, during the event, and post-event tactics. Leveraging our expertise, we will explore ten key video solutions, providing insights and practical advice on how to effectively implement them. Whether you’re organizing an event or participating and seeking to document your involvement, these strategies will ensure your events and conferences make a wide and lasting digital footprint.
a. Before the event:
1. Teasers and Invites
Building anticipation for an event or conference significantly depends on the excitement generated by promotional teasers and invitations. These initial glimpses are critical in setting the event's tone and sparking interest among potential attendees. They are strategically rolled out to attract a crowd, especially for large conferences relying on ticket sales, where multiple teasers may be released sequentially. These teasers serve dual purposes: they reveal enticing information about speakers and special features, and also function as a countdown to the event date, keeping the audience engaged and eager.
Capturing the essence of the event in these teasers is crucial. While there should be an informative component to convey key details, the emotional aspect is what truly draws in an audience. An effective teaser or invitation captivates viewers by striking the right emotional chords, creating intrigue and leaving enough to the imagination. This approach not only informs but also excites the audience, encouraging them to be part of the experience.
The impact of these videos depends on their shareability and how well they are tailored to the platforms where your target audience is most active. From quick social media teases to longer pieces for the official website, each should be optimized for its intended platform. By doing so, you ensure maximum reach and engagement, effectively transforming viewers into attendees and creating a pre-event buzz that's essential for drawing in a larger crowd and setting the stage for a successful event.
2. Announce Speakers, Panels, and Activities
The announcement of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and special activities is crucial in converting potential attendees into confirmed ones, particularly for those eager to hear specific speakers or engage in particular panels. Showcasing event speakers and agenda highlights through video sets the event's tone and communicates its value, making it a must-attend for targeted audiences.
Individual speaker highlight reels are an effective way to attract attention. Featuring snippets of past speeches and emphasizing each speaker's unique insights can captivate potential attendees. These announcements can be strategically shared on social media, targeting relevant audiences, and even be shared by the speakers themselves, tapping into their follower base. This approach not only informs but also excites the audience, enhancing the event's appeal.
Additionally, concise overviews of the event agenda help attendees plan their experience. Highlighting key sessions and activities in an engaging manner provides essential information while maintaining an element of discovery. These agenda-focused videos should capture the essence of what attendees can look forward to, encouraging a diverse and enthusiastic turnout for your event.
3. Behind-the-Scenes FOMO
In the final stage lead-up to an event, creating a sense of anticipation and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is crucial, especially for those who haven't decided to attend yet and need a final push. Short social media videos released just days before the event, showcasing the preparations and buildup, can be highly effective in this regard. These behind-the-scenes glimpses offer a sneak peek into what's unfolding, adding an element of excitement and urgency.
Timelapse videos of the event setup, sneak peeks of the venue, and glimpses of special attractions or activities being prepared are great ways to build this anticipation. These videos can capture the bustling atmosphere as people start arriving in town, the transformation of spaces into vibrant event hubs, and the meticulous planning that goes into ensuring everything is perfect. This type of content not only creates FOMO but also makes the event (finally) real. This approach not only enhances engagement but also serves to increase last-minute ticket sales, as the excitement and anticipation reach their peak.
b. During the Event:
4. Real-Time Event Highlights
In the dynamic environment of a live event, capturing and sharing content as the events unfold is a powerful way to engage audiences both on-site and online. Videos shot, edited, and posted in real time offer a lively and immediate reflection of the event, keeping your social media channels buzzing with the latest happenings.
The key to success in this live documentation lies in capturing the essence of the event as it happens. This includes everything from keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking sessions, to spontaneous moments that capture the event's energy. Having a team on the ground, ready to shoot and edit quickly, allows you to share these moments while they're still fresh, maintaining a live connection with your audience.
This real-time sharing approach keeps your social media feeds active and engaging, offering those not in attendance a window into the event. It's an effective strategy to amplify your reach and create a sense of inclusivity. The immediacy of these videos adds to the excitement, encouraging more engagement from viewers and potentially increasing interest in future events.
5. Showcasing Celebrities and Influencers 
Utilizing celebrities and influencers during events, especially in real-time video coverage, significantly amplifies your event's reach. Capturing these high-profile collaborations live, such as through spontaneous interviews or interactive moments, not only engages attendees but also extends the appeal to a broader online audience.
Live-sharing these moments, particularly when influencers and celebrities share them on their platforms, leverages their following, bringing a surge of attention to your event. The content should integrate their presence with the event's theme, offering authentic and exciting glimpses into their participation.
This strategy of showcasing celebrities and influencers live is key to tapping into their networks, enhancing your event’s visibility and appeal in real-time. It's an effective way to keep your event vibrant and trending across social platforms.
6. Daily Agenda 
Effective agenda communication is key, especially for multi-day events with multiple activities happening simultaneously. Starting each day with a concise video that summarizes the day's agenda can be a game-changer. These quick updates should inform attendees about the schedule, key sessions, and locations, helping them plan their day. Posting these videos on social media and event platforms ensures that both on-site attendees and remote audiences are in the loop. By providing a clear and engaging overview of each day's events, these videos enhance the attendee experience, keeping engagement high throughout the event.
7. Keynotes, Launches, and Announcements
Creating a successful campaign for product launches or significant announcements at events involves a strategic blend of pre-event teasers, live event coverage, and post-event highlights. Start by releasing teaser videos that spark curiosity and build anticipation, setting the stage for the big reveal. These should be short, engaging, and designed to create buzz on social media and other digital platforms.
During the event, capture the excitement of the moment with real-time videos. This can include live streaming the announcement, quick interviews, or capturing initial reactions, all of which contribute to the immediacy and impact of the message.
After the event, sustain the momentum with detailed recap videos. These should provide more in-depth information about the product or announcement, maintaining the interest generated during the event and offering a comprehensive view of what was unveiled.
This approach of gradually building up excitement, capturing the peak moment, and then providing detailed follow-up ensures a well-rounded and impactful video campaign. It keeps your audience engaged and maximizes the reach and effectiveness of your event's key announcements.
8. Awards and Recognitions
Documenting award ceremonies and recognitions at events is crucial for showcasing your company's achievements and bolstering its reputation. High-quality coverage of these moments, including the announcement, reactions, and acceptance speeches, captures the emotion and significance of the awards. Incorporating post-award interviews adds depth, providing personal insights into the achievements. Sharing these well-crafted narratives across your channels not only celebrates your successes but also enhances your company's profile in the industry.
c. After the Event:
9. Sponsor and Partner Showcases
Spotlighting sponsors and partners in video content, particularly during or after an event, is a strategy that benefits all parties involved. These showcases not only add value for the sponsors but also enhance the credibility and perceived value of your event. They reflect a collaborative and mutually supportive business ecosystem, underlining the interconnected nature of your brand with other industry leaders.
Crafting branded content or stories that effectively link the sponsor's mission to the event's mission is key to resonating with the audience. Rather than mere mentions, these videos should be thoughtfully designed to reflect the symbiotic relationship between your event and its sponsors. This can involve short videos or integrated segments within your event content that highlight the sponsors’ roles and contributions in a manner that aligns with the messaging of both your brand and your sponsors, creating a narrative that benefits everyone involved.
Another valuable piece of content that can be offered to sponsors, more as a token of appreciation than for promotional purposes, is a recap video showcasing how their brand was present and active during the event. This not only serves as a memento for the sponsors but also as a testament to their significant role in the event, potentially strengthening the partnership for future collaborations, or as a demo for other future sponsors. 
10. Post-Event Recap as a Prelude to the Next Edition
After the conclusion of an event, a crucial strategy is to release a post-event recap video that not only highlights the best moments but also seamlessly transitions into a hype piece for the next edition. This approach ensures continuity in engagement and begins building anticipation for the upcoming event.
The recap should be a vibrant compilation of the event’s key moments, including notable speeches, participant reactions, and any special activities. It’s important that this video captures the energy and success of the event, reflecting the experiences and value it offered to attendees. Towards the end, the tone should shift to generate excitement for the next edition. 
Incorporate subtle teasers about what’s next – this could be through hints about potential themes, sneak peeks of possible locations, or testimonials from attendees expressing their eagerness for the next event. The goal is to convey a message: if you thought this event was impressive, the next one is going to be even better.
By blending the event recap with a teaser for the next edition, you create a powerful narrative that celebrates the recent success while simultaneously fanning the flames of curiosity and anticipation for what’s to come. This singular, cohesive piece of content keeps the audience’s attention focused on your brand’s ongoing journey, making them eager to be part of the next chapter.
In the world of events and conferences, the right video strategy can make all the difference in amplifying your brand’s presence and ensuring your message resonates with your audience. From creating pre-event buzz with teasers and speaker announcements to sustaining engagement with live updates and culminating in a captivating post-event recap that sets the stage for your next edition, each phase is critical.
At ProFor, we understand the power of these strategies and have honed our skills across various industry events to help you make the most of your event participation. Whether you're organizing an event or showcasing your brand at a conference, we're here to help you craft a video narrative that not only captures the essence of your presence but also leaves a lasting impact on your audience.
Ready to elevate your event experience with professional video content? Reach out to us to discuss how we can bring your event’s story to life, ensuring it leaves a lasting digital footprint that echoes beyond the physical event space. Let's create something unforgettable together.

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